Business Class Qatar Airways Trip Reports

Trip Report: Qatar Airways Business Class Boeing 787 Dreamliner Doha (DOH) to Tokyo Haneda (HND)

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This a trip review of Qatar Airways (QR) Boeing 787-8 Business Class from Doha to Tokyo Haneda on March 28, 2016.

After an amazing flight from Madrid, we arrived Doha at about 1:30AM. The plane parked at a remote stand, and we took a bus into the terminal. After another round of security, we were back in the main hall of Hamad International Airport. This airport really never gets old for me. It’s huge, nicely decorated and clearly signed.


Soon after, we took the escalator up to the Al Mourjan lounge. Let me start off that QR’s Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha is one of the best business class lounges in the world in my opinion. It is huge and offers 2 restaurants, a quiet area, shower suites, plenty of seating, prayer rooms, game and smoking rooms, and many more. It truly is an amazing lounge.

After a hot shower in one of their shower suites, we had a sandwich and a glass of champagne in their more casual/bistro dining area with high ceilings. I call this their “deli” area. It was around 2:30AM so the place was empty. Service was a little spotty, but I understand that it was 2 in the morning.  Anyway, the chicken sandwich I ordered was delicious! Sadly they were no longer serving Krug champagne at this lounge.


After walking around the lounge and taking pictures of their amazing water feature, we decided to try the other restaurant upstairs. This one was a sit down restaurant with a buffet. We sat down in one of their booths and was approached by the server. At this point, it was already around 4:00AM and the Filipina server that helped us was absolutely amazing! She took good care of us during our meal. Initially the server was a little aloof, then I asked her if she was Filipino. She said yes, and she was surprised to find out that we were too. She immediately warmed up to us and conversed with us in Tagalog. For our beverage, we ordered some more champagne and I asked again if they had Krug. Sadly, she replied that they were only serving Billecart-Salmon now (still not bad). Then I ordered the beef filet, which was delicious and very well presented. My companion ordered the fish filet, but also wanted to try the buffet which had some pretty good hot items such as samosas, egg rolls, and other Middle Eastern and Indian appetizers. The fish dish soon arrived and was also very nicely plated and delicious!


After our meal, we decided to go to the rest/quiet area to get some shut-eye since we still had couple of hours before our next flight. The rest area had no real beds. They’re really just cubicles with lounge chairs and the staff offers you a blanket. The chair was comfortable and I was able to get 1.5 hours of sleep.


We soon headed to the gate to catch our connecting flight. The gate for this flight was all the way out in the E gates which was about a 20 minute walk from the lounge. Oddly enough, we had to take another bus, and had to go up the stairs as our plane was parked at a remote stand. The aircraft we were taking was another Boeing 787-8 which I loved because of the better cabin pressure and humidity.


IMG_9657Once on board, we were greeted by a Chinese and Japanese crew. I was seated in 4A, while my companion was in 3A. The wine list and menu, as well as the typical QR Giorgio Armani amenity kit was already on our seat. The Japanese flight attendant, Yukie approached us and offered us a welcome drink ,and a hot or cold towel. I opted for the latter. Yukie also offered us “sleeper suits” (pajamas) which we very much appreciated.  Soon enough, boarding was complete and we were off. The flight itself clocked in at a little over 9 hours to Tokyo.


I can’t stress enough that I really love QR’s reverse herringbone business class seats! It is very well thought out and extremely comfortable. QR also has one of the best in-flight entertainment selections in my book. There was literally hundreds of movies, shows, and music to choose from. Not to mention their excellent moving map app (for us avgeeks).

QR offers an extensive wine list and excellent food options. I ordered the rosé  champagne after take off and opted for the Japanese meal. QR is known for how well their food is plated . Let me tell you that this was one of the best meals I’ve had in the sky. The meal arrived in on tray, but was very  nicely plated and de-licious!  I also ordered the sushi platter for my snack and it was also very good. For my pre-landing snack, I opted for the roast beef bagel which was a little on the hard side, but not bad.


IMG_9709Overall the service on this flight was very good. Although I felt that Yukie, the flight attendant was just uninterested and bored. A huge contrast from my last Qatar Airways flight from Madrid where the flight attendant was very friendly and cheerful!  She was very efficient though and was able to serve my meals and top off my drinks quickly. I guess smiles cost extra.


Soon enough it was time to land and after a long walk to immigration, we were back in Tokyo!

Overall a very nice and comfortable flight. I would give this flight a 8 out of 10. The flight was smooth and uneventful, the service was efficient, but cold. The meals were very good.



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