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Buy Miles for Less than 2 Cents a Piece

I just received an email from American AAdvantage today.

American is currently selling AAdvantage Miles for a discounted price of up to  1.8 cents per mile from now through June 1, 2016 to celebrate their 35th year Anniversary. You can also get 700 free AAdvantage Miles by following the instructions here. American is part of the OneWorld Alliance (and has other partner airlines too like Alaska Airlines, Air Tahiti Nui, Etihad, Gulf Air, Hawaiian Airlines, and Jet Airways, to name a few), so you can use AAdvantage Miles on American, other Oneworld Airlines, and American’s partner Airlines to book award seats.

Click here to go to the offer.


Buy Miles Promotion


Basically, if you buy 150,000 miles for $3122.02 ($2876.30 plus taxes and processing charge), you get another 15,000 miles with the promo.

165,000 Miles for $3122.02


Typically AAdvantage miles sell for about 3 cents per mile so this could be a good deal for someone who already has an award in mind and just want to top off their mileage balance. Although, I wouldn’t recommend buying the miles if you haven’t already found award availability and have plans for travel.

Also, please keep in mind that American recently devalued their AAdvantage Program. Please see here  for the new award redemption rates after March 22, 2016.

IMG_4091 (1)
American Airlines new First Class Seat

That being said, I still think AAdvantage offers a good value in redeeming for award travel from North America to Europe and North Asia (Japan/South Korea) in Business and First Class.

Personally, I will not be taking advantage of this offer, but hopefully this will help those who are looking to top off their miles balance for an award.

Redeem AAdvantage Miles for Etihad First Class Apartment


BUT WAIT! I just realized that Avianca LifeMiles are also on sale right now.

First, let’s talk about Avianca’s LifeMiles…

Avianca is part of The Star Alliance and LifeMiles can be a valuable currency if you are looking to redeem with Star Alliance member Airlines.

List of Star Alliance Members

Avianca LifeMiles are currently selling at about 1.47 cents per mile through May 31, 2016. You can potentially buy up to maximum 150,000 miles which costs $4950, and you’ll get a bonus of 187,000 miles (337,500 miles total).

Click here to purchase LifeMiles.


I’ve purchased LifeMiles in the past for about 1.5 cents per miles, although I’ve seen them go lower than 1.4 cents per mile. I’ve redeemed LifeMiles on Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, and United and have been very happy with my purchase. In fact, LifeMiles is actually one of my favorite Airline currencies, due to the fact that you can buy their miles for cheap!

However as I mentioned above, please make sure you already have an award in mind before making the purchase as airline currencies (including LifeMiles) have devalued in the past and will sadly only continue to do so.

You can check this LifeMiles redemption calculator to see how many miles you’ll need for a specific flight.

Singapore Airlines Business Class


Redeem LifeMiles for Lufthansa First Class


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