Trip Reports

British Airways Business Class Boeing 737-400 Johannesburg to Livingstone

[Click above for the video review.]

  • Flight: BA6291 Operated by Comair Limited
  • Route: JNB-LVI
  • Equipment: Boeing 737-400
  • Cabin: Business Class
  • Seat: 3A/3C

Another Happy Friday everyone! It is time for another trip report. British Airways has some 5th freedom flights within Africa, and one of them is the Johannesburg to Livingstone route.


So after an interesting stay in Johannesburg, it was time to go to one of the places I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time: Victoria Falls. The falls are located in between 2 countries and are serviced by 2 airports. Victoria Falls Airport is in Zimbabwe and Livingstone Airport in Zambia.


This journey started in Johannesburg Airport where we checked-in at one of the automated kiosks in the terminal. We then walked over to security, which was almost empty. We were through in less than 5 minutes. Sadly exit passport control had a very long queue, which meant we didn’t have time to go to the lounge.


We had a quick stop at one of the souvenir stores in the terminal, and headed straight to the gate.


Sadly, these gates were one of those remote stand gates where you get “bussed” over to the plane. We waited for about 5 minutes, and then boarding was announced.

Business Class Passengers had priority boarding, but I felt like this was useless since everyone including economy passengers got on the same bus. The bus ride was quick and we soon boarded the plane via the stairs.


The business class cabin on this Comair Operated Boeing 737-400 consists of 20 business class seats in a rather cramped 2-3 configuration.  The seats were the old school blue British Airways Business Class seats, which I find more comfortable than their new Recaro slimline seats. We were seated in 3A, and 3C on the port side of the plane. When traveling alone, or with a companion, I would also recommend getting a seat on the port side as there is one less person sitting next to you.

As we got settled, the friendly flight attendant came over and offered us a welcome drink. We opted for a glass of sparkling wine.


Soon boarding was complete and the captain came on the PA, and announced our flight time of just over 1 hour and 20 minutes. The doors were closed and we began our short taxi to the end of the runway. The takeoff roll was quick and we had a rather choppy ascent, but things got smoother as we got to cruising altitude.


Service started with some hot towels, and then the drink cart rolled by. We ordered another glass of sparkling wine, which was served with a small package of mixed nuts.


Then the starter tray was served which consisted of a bowl of butternut squash and feta salad. On the tray also was some cheese and crackers, a dessert tart, and Lindt Truffle.


For the main entrée, I ordered the chicken breast, which was delicious!


After the meal, the flight attendant offered some coffee or tea. I  ordered a cup of coffee, which was served with a small cookie.


All too soon, the captain announced our descent into Livingstone Airport. It was a clear day, and we had some amazing views of the Zambezi River, and  Victoria Falls on the way down.


Landing was uneventful, and we had a very short taxi to a remote stand. We soon disembarked via stairs, and just walked over to the airport terminal building. Zambian Immigration was a very slow process and it took us over an hour to get our visa on arrival and get through, but it was all worth it once we got to see the mighty Victoria Falls.


All in all, I was happy with British Airways’ Business Class offering on this route. The seats are old, but they were definitely more comfortable than BA’s current short haul business class seats. Service was very good for such a short flight. The flight attendants were cordial and efficient, and the food was decent. The only negative I can think of is their use of remote stands at both airports, but other than that I would give this flight a very good 8 out of 10.


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