Business Class Singapore Airlines Star Alliance Trip Reports

Review: Singapore Airlines Business Class Airbus A330 Bali to Singapore

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  • Flight: SQ943
  • Route: DPS-SIN
  • Equipment: Airbus A330-300
  • Cabin: Business Class
  • Seat: 12H/12K

After a very relaxing stay in Bali, it was time for us to go. We took a pre-arranged hotel pickup to the airport around 9:00AM and arrived at the airport about 30 minutes later.


Denpasar-Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport has a brand new International Terminal. It literally looks like a huge Balinese temple from the outside. We made our way into Singapore Airlines Business Class check-in counters and were promptly helped by a friendly agent. Our boarding passes were printed and were also given lounge invites to the Premier Lounge, which is the contract lounge for Singapore Airlines at DPS.


Security and immigration were a breeze. We then navigated through the new international terminal, and duty free shops before taking the elevator up to the lounge.


Upon arrival, a lounge agent asked for our invites and welcomed us in. The lounge had plenty of seating, free WIFI,  as well as a rather expansive buffet  spread with hot and cold food items. For some reason, I didn’t see if wine or alcohol offerings, but since we were there in the morning, I instead looked for the espresso machine and made myself a nice cup of latte. There were also a good selection of other non-alcoholic beverages, such as juices, coffee, and water.

An hour before departure, we made our way down to the gate. There was a separate queue for Business Class passengers,  but for some reason the queue wasn’t enforced. Everyone just pretty much congregated close to the boarding gate. Pre-boarding soon commenced for people with disabilities and those traveling with small children. Then business class passengers were allowed to board.


We made our way down the glass jet bridge, and were greeted by a friendly Singapore flight attendant. We were then escorted to our seats in 12H and 12K on the starboard side of the plane.


Singapore refurbished their regional business class seats back in 2012. SQ’s Airbus A330 features 30 angled flat business class seats laid out in a 2-2-2 configuration. As I mentioned above, the seats are angled flat so you sleep at a slight angle when lying flat, but since this was only a 2 hour day flight, it was more than I could ask for. The seats actually reminded me of SQ’s long haul business class seats, although these were much narrower, and didn’t lie all the way flat.


img_6167There were plenty of storage space around the seat including 2 locking storage compartments right under the IFE monitor, and another under the middle arm rest console. A privacy divider was also available if you’re traveling with a stranger, as well as an adjustable reading light right above your shoulder. The seat controls can be found under one of the armrests. There was also an AC Power Outlet, and USB charging port at the side of the seat.

Waiting at our seats were a blanket, and pillow, as well as noise canceling headphones. Upon settling in, we were approached by a flight attendant and were offered hot towels and a pre-departure beverage. I opted for a glass of champagne, while my companion ordered water.

After a few minutes, boarding was complete and the captain came on the PA to welcome us on board and announce our flight time of 2 hours and 20 minutes.


We soon pushed back from the gate and began our taxi to the end of the runway, during which, the flight attendant took our drink and meal orders for the flight. We soon reached the end of the runway and started our takeoff roll. It was a beautiful day in Bali and we had some amazing views on the way up. We did hit a few light chops, but things smoothed out as we flew above the clouds.


15 minutes into the flight, the Captain switched off the seatbelt sign and the meal service began.

The flight attendants first came with the drink cart, and I ordered a glass of champagne.


Then my meal arrived. I ordered the Beef Lapis Manado, which was served in a tray along with a small side of prawn salad, and a small slice of mocha cake with berry compote for dessert. We were also offered some warm breads, in which I asked for 2 slices of garlic bread. I didn’t really eat the salad since I’m allergic to shrimps or prawns, but the main dish was delicious. The dessert was OK, but forgettable.


After the meal service, I went and visited the lavatory. The lav was on the smaller size, but it was well stocked with the usual Singapore Airlines amenities like toothbrushes, razors, combs, as well as other toiletries.

Upon returning to my seat, I reclined all the way flat. It was certainly comfortable enough for the short flight.


I pulled out the IFE remote and flipped through Singapore Airlines Krisworld IFE System, which offers a decent amount of Movies, TV programs, Games, and Music. Ultimately I just decided to snooze a bit instead.


After a good nap, the Captain came on the PA to announce our initial descent into Singapore. The flight attendants distributed hot towels and some Fox’s Candies before concluding the in-flight service.


I must add, sitting in the rear business class seats was a family traveling with a toddler. I guess the toddler wasn’t happy that she had to be strapped down for landing, so she screamed her little lungs off for the duration of the descent and landing. On top of getting an earful, our descent was rather turbulent as there was a storm in Singapore when we arrived. Both passengers and crew were not happy during this time. Although we still made it down with no problems and had a firm landing at Changi Airport.


We had a quick taxi to the gate and soon disembarked. There was literally no line at immigration, so we were at the curb 10 minutes after we landed.


Overall, I was very happy with Singapore Airlines’ product and service for the short hop from Bali to Singapore. Sure the seats are only angled flat and the service was slightly abbreviated, but the fact that it was only a 2 hour flight and we got decent seats and service was more than enough to make up for what was lacking. I give this flight a solid 8 out 10.

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