US Electronics Ban is finally Over!

Within the last few weeks, the US Department of Homeland Security has been slowly lifting the ban on electronics devices being taken on board for US-bound flights on certain Middle Eastern and North African carriers.

As of last week, the US has lifted the ban on 8 out of the original 9 carriers affected. This is in exchange for a more thorough passenger screening at their home airports. I wrote about it here:


Well, I’m happy to announce that effective today, the US electronics ban is officially over!

There were rumors going around on the internet that the ban will be lifted on Saudia on July 19th, and it looks like the rumors were true:

The US has finally lifted the ban on Saudia, the last of the original carriers subjected to the electronics ban. 

Saudia announced the news today on their Twitter feed:

I’m relieved that the US electronics ban is finally over, but keep in mind that the UK ban is still in place for certain Middle Eastern carriers.  I have a feeling that they will similarly drop the ban soon, in exchange for a more astringent security screening for UK-bound flights.

Also be aware that there will  be an additional security screening at the gate for the above carriers’ flights to the US, so be prepared to take out and power on your electronics as they will be tested for explosives before you board.

Safe and happy travels, everyone!


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