First Class Star Alliance Thai Airways Trip Reports

Review: Thai Airways Royal First Class Boeing 747-400 Seoul Incheon to Bangkok

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Overall Impression:

Sawasdee Krap! So what is it like to fly Thai Airways First Class? Come join me as we fly their First Class product from Seoul to Bangkok!


An excellent 5.5 hour flight from Seoul Incheon to Bangkok on this almost 15 year old Thai Airways International Boeing 747-400.  The First Class suites were very private and comfortable. Onboard service from the crew was warm and hospitable, and the catering was excellent. Dom Perignon champagne was available as well as the ever so popular Rimowa amenity kits.

What I liked:

The Airplane – Nowadays it’s becoming more and more rare to fly on a 4 engine aircraft, but I still enjoy flying the original queen of the skies, the Boeing 747.


The Seats – This plane had the retrofitted First Class seats, which recline to a full flat bed. The suites were not fully enclosed but still offered plenty of space and privacy for this sub 6 hour flight.

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The Service – The service from the crew was excellent and was done in typical Thai fashion. Our drinks were constantly refilled, and the sincere service really made us feel at home. For those jetlagged, turndown service was also offered after the meal, even though this was a daytime flight.

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The food – The food was certainly plentiful and delicious. I opted for the Korean meal option, which was delicious. It’s worth noting that Dom Perignon champagne was served in First Class.

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The Amenity Kit – Thai Airways offers Rimowa hard case amenity kits for certain First Class Routes.


What I didn’t like:

The lavatories –  This was an older plane and though still functional and very clean, they are literally falling apart. Not really what you would expect in First Class.

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It was OK, I guess…

The Lounge – Thai uses the Asiana Lounge at Incheon airport. Since we were flying First Class, we had access to the First Class Lounge. The lounge was pretty empty and very quiet while we were there, but I feel that it’s only slightly better than the business class lounge. The food options were OK, but not great. They do have chair massagers and showers though, but so does the business class lounge… :/

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Extra Credit:

Buggy Service at BKK – Thai Airways offers buggy service upon arriving Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport for First Class Passengers. The buggy will drive you from the gate all the way to immigration, which is about a 20 minute walk. We decided not to use the buggy service because we were traveling with family seated in Business Class.


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