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Review: Qatar Airways Business Class Airbus A350-900XWB | Doha to Malé

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Overall Impression:

Flying to the Maldives? Then it’s worth looking at Qatar Airways Business Class from Doha to Malé

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Qatar Airways operates different aircrafts on this flight. Some are operated by smaller Airbus A320s as well as A330s. Today, we are on the Airbus A350-900XWB. Some A350-900s have already been reconfigured with the new QSuite product, while the aircraft that we were in still had the previous generation reverse herringbone business class.


Although this wasn’t our first flight on this product, we were very excited as we were flying to the Maldives and we totally loved it!

Business Class on Qatar’s Airbus A350-900 is laid out in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration. Qatar opted for the B/E Super Diamond seats, which are very private, functional, and more importantly very comfortable.


I was seated in 9K, a window seat in the rear business class cabin on the starboard side of the plane, while my companion was in 8K, right in front of me.


What I liked:

The seats – The B/E Super Diamond seats were very comfortable. Some actually prefer these seats over the QSuite, as they are more open and less claustrophobic. The storage areas, table, IFE remote, AC/USB power outlets, and seat controls are all within an arm’s reach and are thoughtfully laid out. There were plenty of counter and storage space for my gadgets and other stuff as well. The seat also reclines into a fully flat bed with a touch of a finger, which is very comfortable with the included full-size pillow and warm duvet.

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The food – Qatar’s catering out of Doha in my experience is consistently very good. I had some champagne and warm nuts after takeoff. Breakfast was being served for the meal, as we departed around 2:00am in Doha. The meal service began with some warm breads, seasonal fruits, and some cappuccino to start. For the main, I ordered the spring onion and parsley omelette which was delicious and very filling. The meal service ended with a hot towel and some mints.

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Onboard amenities – A full size pillow and duvet were waiting at our seats along with a Nappa Dori mini amenity kit (this was only a 4.5-hour flight). Evian bottled waters were also distributed during boarding. The lavatories were stocked with toothbrushes, shaving kits, and bottles of moisturizers and facial mist. They were also spotless, and regularly cleaned by the crew.

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It was OK:

The service – Service from the crew was topnotch and was done in typical Qatar Airways fashion. Pre-departure beverage as well as hot or cold towels were proactively offered upon boarding. During the meal service, trays were not used, and the plates are placed directly on the white linen. Qatar Airways offers a dine-on-demand concept in business class, where you can order anything from the menu at any time during the flight. My only small complaint is that the flight attendant in charge of our row was a little curt, but the other flight attendant was charming and efficient nonetheless.



What I didn’t like:

The Lounge – The Al Mourjan business class lounge at the Hamad International airport is one of the best lounges in the world, in my opinion. The lounge is huge, very airy with high ceilings and plenty of seating to relax. Well, it seems that more and more people are loving the lounge so much that there’s always a line to get a shower room nowadays. We waited about 45 minutes to get a shower, so be aware if you have a short layover.

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Bottom Line:

Qatar Airways really has an excellent business class product. They really raised the bar when it comes to business class travel. Although this flight did not offer the current QSuite product, the amenities, food, and onboard service made up for what was lacking. It really was an almost flawless flight and I would give it an excellent 9 out of 10.



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