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Qatar Airways Airbus A330-300 Business Class Doha to Colombo Review

[Click above for the video review.]

This report starts off in Doha’s Hamad International airport. Once again we visited the al Mourjan Business class lounge. We’ve noticed that some services being offered have suffered due to Qatar Airways’ cost cutting measures. Most notably, the upstairs restaurant no longer takes a la carte meal orders. It’s now just a self serve buffet. You can still order drinks from your table, but otherwise you’ll need to get your food from the buffet spread. Krug champagne also used to be offered at the lounge, but now they only carry Billecart Salmon. The “deli” restaurant on the main level still offers made to order sandwiches and paninis, which is a nice touch.

After a couple of hours in the lounge and a hot shower, we decided to head down to the gate about an hour before departure.

Boarding was very efficient and business class passengers had priority boarding. Upon boarding, we were greeted at the door by a friendly flight attendant who showed us our seats. We were seated in 4A and 4B towards the back of the forward business class cabin. These seats are similar to American Airlines’ Business Class seats on their transcontinental Airbus A321-T. The seats are forward facing in a 2-2-2 configuration. If you’re carrying luggage onboard, please be aware that the overhead bins are the older, smaller bins, so your luggage may not go in wheels first depending on its size. Waiting at our seats were a blanket, pillow, and a small amenity kit.

Upon settling in, we were offered pre-departure drinks and a choice of hot or cold towel.

We soon pushed back From the gate and were off to Colombo. Take off and the flight generally was smooth during this time.

Upon reaching 10,000 feet the captain turned off the seatbelt sign, and the flight attendants sprung into action. Since this is a breakfast meal service, I ordered a Glass of smoothie for my beverage. It was sweet and delicious.

For starters I ordered fresh fruits, and for the main I ordered the omelette with chicken Rosti. Both dishes were promptly served in the usual QR fashion. One thing I love about Qatar Airways is their food presentation. I really like how they plate their meals and they tasted very good too! I finished a meal with a cup of coffee, still  water, and a hot towel.

I then visited the lavatory. It was a decent size lavatory with a window. It was stocked with the usual toothbrushes and toiletries. As I went back to my seat, I noticed that the cabin lights were turned off to allow for better sleep. I then converted my seat into a full flat bed and went to Lala land for a few hours.
Before I knew it, it was time to land.

Landing was a little bumpy due to the weather in Colombo, but not too bad. The only thing that I was bummed about was we parked at a remote stand and had to go down the stairs with our carry on luggage and tote in tow. Business Class passengers had their own bus, which was nice. Before I knew it, our bus left and we were in the terminal to catch out next flight.

I was pleasantly surprised how good the new Qatar Airways Airbus A330 seats were. The hard product on this flight was very comfortable for a 4 hour flight. Service was also impeccable and was done in true Qatar Airways fashion. Overall, I give it a 8.5 out of 10

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