US Lifts Electronics Ban on Royal Jordanian, Kuwait Airways, and Royal Air Maroc

I went over the US and UK electronics ban here, and here.

On a more recent post, I also talked about the US Electronics ban being lifted on Etihad, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines. You can read the post here. This is great news especially for business travelers.

Yesterday, the US Department of Homeland Security also lifted the electronics ban on Royal Jordanian and Kuwait Airways flights to the US, in exchange for enhanced security screenings on all US-bound flights at their home airports of Amman, and Kuwait City.


Both airlines even made a celebratory tweet on their twitter feed:

Royal Jordanian

Kuwait Airways

As of today, only 3 carriers out of the original 9 still has the electronics ban imposed by the US. The carriers are Saudia, Royal Air Maroc, and Egyptair.

I’ve also heard rumblings on the net that Saudia will soon be free from the ban. No news on the similar ban the UK imposed on some Middle Eastern carriers.

More updates as they come in…

7/12/17 UPDATE:

Starting tomorrow, Royal Air Maroc’s ban has also been lifted per their Twitter account:

Royal Air Maroc

The only carriers left are Egyptair and Saudia, although it is expected that the ban on Saudia flights to the US will be lifted starting July 19th. Let’s see how that pans out.


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