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British Airways Club World Business Class Airbus A380 | San Francisco to London

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Airline: British Airways (BA)
Flight Number: BA287
Route: SFO-LHR
Class: Club World (Business Class)
Airframe: Airbus A380-800
Reg: G-XLEL (BA)
Delivered: June 2016
Duration: 10H 5M
Distance: 5,367 Miles

British Airways’ Club World Business Class offers a mixed experience. The outdated seats, unchanged since 2006, are uncomfortable and narrow, and BA currently has no immediate plans for an upgrade to the newer Club Suite seats. However, the service from the crew was delightful, providing attentive and courteous service onboard. The bar service is back and the meals were served in courses, which was a welcome sight considering BA drastically cutdown their service and food offerings during the pandemic. Despite the seat limitations, the attentive service and delicious business class catering contributed to a satisfying journey across the pond.

What I Liked:

The Food – The catering provided by DO&CO on this flight was truly exceptional. The food actually surpassed our expectations on this flight. The dishes that we ordered tasted fresh, delicious and nicely presented. The starter dishes and curried cream of cauliflower soup were particularly noteworthy, as it was delectable. During the dinner service, the grilled chicken breast was perfectly cooked, moist, and flavorful. Indulging our sweet tooth, the Chocolate coffee Fondant dessert was a decadent treat. The pre-arrival Full English Breakfast provided a hearty start to the day, while the Avocado and Tomato omelet was a great choice for my companion. Although there was no mid-flight meal service, the crew set up a snack bar near the galley for those seeking a bite. Overall, the catering on this flight not only exceeded our expectations but also made the journey significantly more enjoyable.

What I didn’t Like:

The Seats – Regrettably, British Airways’ Club World Product, introduced in 2006, has not stood the test of time. While the seats do offer the convenience of converting into a full flat bed and provide satisfactory legroom, their narrow width creates a confined feeling when attempting to relax or savor a meal. Moreover, the absence of direct aisle access for most window and center seats means passengers must hop over their neighbor’s ottoman, adding inconvenience to the equation. Another drawback is the limited accessible storage space, which can prove frustrating during long-haul flights. In summary, the Club World seats are in dire need of an upgrade as they no longer meet current business class standards.

No Personal Air Nozzles – One notable drawback of British Airways’ A380s is the absence of personal air nozzles, which is disappointing for passengers. The lack of these individual ventilation systems makes it challenging to regulate personal comfort, especially considering that British Airways tends to maintain a relatively warm cabin temperature.

It was OK, I guess…

The BA Lounge at SFO – The Galleries Lounge at SFO underwent a renovation before the pandemic, resulting in a visually appealing space, although it is relatively small in size. The lounge provides amenities such as a la carte dining through QR Code ordering, a well-stocked bar, and a decent buffet spread. However, during peak hours, the lounge tends to become overcrowded and chaotic, making it challenging to secure a seat and find an available table.

The in-flight Service – The service from the crew was pleasant and provided a satisfactory experience. While the mixed fleet crew may not have exuded an extraordinary level of warmth or engagement, they still offered attentive and courteous service. We appreciated the hot towel and pre-departure beverage service, which added to the overall comfort of the journey. The crew members looking after us were friendly and checked on us through out the flight to see if we needed anything.

The business class amenities – While British Airways may not provide pajamas or slippers for business class passengers, they do offer some standard amenities. A black leather pouch provided by The White Company London, was waiting at our seats along with noise canceling headphones and bottled water. The bedding and pillow offered are of good quality, and the inclusion of a mattress pad made the seat comfort a little bit more bearable. Additionally, the lavatories located in the front of the upper deck cabin are spacious, regularly cleaned, and stocked toiletries.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, British Airways’ Club World Business Class has its ups and downs. The seats, with their narrow and outdated design, lack comfort and easy access to the aisle. On the positive side, the crew provides pleasant service and the catering was superb. However, the overcrowded and chaotic BA lounge at SFO was a notable drawback. On a brighter note, the in-flight amenities and bedding was were generally good. While there is room for improvement, British Airways’ Club World Business Class offers a generally satisfactory experience for this 10 hour journey.

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