Business Class Etihad Trip Reports

Etihad Business Class Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner | Abu Dhabi to Munich

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Airline: Etihad Airways
Flight Number: EY5
Route: AUH-MUC
Class: Business Class
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Registration: A6-BND
Delivered: October 2019
Flight Duration: 5 Hours 30 Minutes
Distance: 2,848 Miles

Overall Impression:

Etihad’s Business Studio seats on their 787 Dreamliner aircraft provide a comfortable and spacious flight experience. I personally find these seats to be more preferable than the newer super diamond seats with doors, as they offer ample space for sitting, lounging, and sleeping. The seats were very comfortable, allowing me to settle in quickly and relax. I was even able to take a short nap after my meal. Overall, the Business Studio seats provided a relaxing journey that left me feeling refreshed upon arrival.

The crew on this flight provided an impressive level of service, particularly the flight attendant assigned to our aisle. They were attentive and eager to please, offering pre-departure beverages and checking on us throughout the flight to ensure we had everything we needed. Despite the late night flight, the crew remained cheerful and professional, making the journey all the more enjoyable. The meal service was also noteworthy, with the Etihad steak sandwich being a standout dish, as always. Even the lighter options, like the pastrami wrap, were delicious and satisfying.

While the Business Studio seats and crew service were both impressive, the amenities were a bit sparse. Business class passengers were offered a basic Acqua di Parma Amenity kit, which included personal protection items, but no mattress pad was provided with the pillow and duvet. The lavatories were clean and well-maintained, but lacked toiletries beyond hand soap and sanitizer. Overall, while the amenities were not particularly impressive, the comfortable seats and excellent crew service made up for any shortcomings.

What I Liked:

The Seats – The Etihad Business Studio seat on the 787 Dreamliner offers a comfortable and spacious experience, despite being slightly less private than other business class seats. I found the seat to be very comfortable, allowing me to quickly settle in and relax. The lie-flat bed was perfect for a short nap after my late-night meal. Overall, the seat provided a relaxing and comfortable flight experience.

The Food – The catering on this Etihad flight out of Abu Dhabi was truly outstanding. The meals we had, despite being lighter options, were deliciously prepared and beautifully presented. We particularly enjoyed the Etihad Steak Sandwich and Pastrami wrap. I had the ice cream for dessert, which was a delightful way to end the meal. Overall, the food on this flight was exceptional and a highlight of our experience with Etihad.

The IFE – The eBOX in-flight entertainment (IFE) system on Etihad’s Business Class is one of the best out there. With an extensive selection of movies, TV shows, games, and more, the system is user-friendly and very responsive. Passengers can also purchase in-flight WIFI, which is reasonably priced for the duration and data allowance. The noise-canceling headphones provided to business class passengers further enhance the IFE experience.

The in-flight Service – The onboard service on this Etihad flight was exemplary, especially for a medium-haul flight. The flight crew was friendly and professional, providing top-notch service from start to finish. Upon boarding, we were welcomed with pre-departure drinks, setting the tone for a comfortable and enjoyable flight. The in-flight service was efficient, and our meals were served at the time we requested. The crew checked in on us regularly, making sure we had everything we needed to stay comfortable throughout the flight.

The Cabin Temperature – Despite the absence of individual air nozzles, the cabin temperature on this flight was kept consistently cool by the crew, resulting in a comfortable environment and more conducive to sleep.

What I Didn’t Like:

Business Class Amenities – When it comes to amenities, Etihad had the basics covered. We received a personal protection kit and a simple Acqua di Parma amenity kit. Business class passengers also got a pillow, duvet, and water bottle, but no mattress pad. The lavatories were clean, but only had hand soap and sanitizer available. Nothing fancy, but sufficient for a comfortable flight.

It was OK:

The Etihad Business Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi – The Etihad Business Lounge in Abu Dhabi offers a spacious and relaxed environment for business class passengers to wait for their flights. While the lounge can get crowded during peak hours, we found plenty of available seating options during our visit. The buffet selection is substantial, with both hot and cold food and drink options, though a la carte dining is not available. The lounge also includes a well-stocked staffed bar, a designated smoking room, and shower facilities for freshening up before the flight. Overall, it’s a comfortable and convenient place to spend some time before your flight.

Bottom Line:

Overall, the Etihad Business Class flight from Abu Dhabi to Munich offers a solid business clas product. The Business Studio seats were spacious and comfortable, and the crew provided excellent service throughout the flight. The catering was outstanding, with a variety of delicious meal options available. The in-flight entertainment system was also top-notch, and the cabin temperature was kept cool and comfortable. However, the amenities provided in Business Class were a bit sparse. The Etihad Lounge was nice and offers ample seating and plenty of food and beverage options, but can get very crowded at times. Despite these minor drawbacks, we still recommend Etihad Business Class for this route.

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