American Airlines Business Class OneWorld Trip Reports

American Airlines Business Class Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner | Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda

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Airline: American Airlines (AA)
Flight Number: AA169
Route: LAX-HND
Class: Business Class
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Registration: N807AA
Delivered: July 2015
Flight Duration: 10 Hours 20 Minutes
Distance: 5,482 Miles

Overall Impression:

Despite its reputation, I found American’s Zodiac Concept D seats surprisingly comfortable during my flight, and although I experienced some slight shaking, it didn’t bother me as much as I had anticipated. The crew on the LAX-based flight was excellent, and the service was top-notch. It was great to see that AA had recently reinstated this route since the start of the pandemic, and I believe it’s one of their best offerings. While the catering wasn’t quite on par with Japan Airlines, it was still quite good for a US carrier. In addition, the availability of pajamas, slippers, and mattress pads was a pleasant surprise.

What I Liked:

Business Class Amenities – AA provides an impressive range of amenities for its business class passengers. The Shinola-branded pouch amenity kit, Bang and Olufsen noise-canceling headphones, and bottled water are standard offerings. The Casper mattress pad in addition to the full-size pillow and duvet set add an extra level of comfort to the flight. Additionally, business class passengers receive slippers and pajamas, which are thoughtful additions that enhance the business class experience on this route.

The service – The onboard service was a highlight of the flight, thanks to the exceptional LAX-based crew. The two business class flight attendants we interacted with were proactive, charming, and provided professional and efficient service throughout the flight. They struck the perfect balance between friendliness and professionalism, and we felt well taken care of. The pre-departure beverage and hot towel service were noteworthy touches that added to the overall experience. We were thoroughly impressed with the level of service provided by the crew on this flight.

The IFE – AA’s Panasonic IFE system is one of my favorites in the sky. The interface is intuitive and responsive, making it easy to navigate through the extensive selection of media content. I particularly enjoyed using the Voyager moving map app, which helped me stay entertained during the long transpacific flight. Overall, the IFE system was a great addition to the flight and contributed to an enjoyable experience.

The Flagship Lounge at LAX – We enjoyed a pleasant visit to the AA Flagship Lounge at LAX, which is spacious and offered ample seating through out. The lounge offers an extensive buffet spread and plenty of food and beverage options. The lounge’s clean and well-maintained showers were also an added bonus.

What I didn’t like:

Expensive WiFi – It’s worth noting that the price of in-flight WiFi on AA flights has increased significantly. While it used to cost $20 for the entire flight, the current price is almost double at $35. This may be a concern for passengers who rely on WiFi during their journey, and it’s something to keep in mind when budgeting for the overall cost of the flight.

It was OK…I guess:

The seats – Surprisingly, I found the Zodiac Concept D Seats to be quite comfortable despite the slight shaking caused by the adjacent seat. Although I did experience some slight shaking, it was not as bad as on previous flights. It’s possible that AA has found a solution to the issues with these seats. I was pleased to discover that the plane had personal air nozzles, which kept me cool and comfortable throughout the flight.

The catering – As previously mentioned, the catering on our AA flight out of LAX was generally good. The Japanese meal I ordered after takeoff was excellent, while my companion’s macadamia crusted sea bass was satisfactory. For the pre-arrival meal, the shrimp fried rice was delectable, though the cheese omelet was a bit dry and bland. However, the ice cream sundae for dessert certainly did not disappoint . The crew also thoughtfully provided a mid-flight snack basket for a quick bite, which was a nice touch.

Bottom Line:

In summary, our AA business class flight from LAX to Tokyo experience was impressive. We enjoyed the the expanded amenities offered on this route. The in-flight catering wasn’t bad for a US carrier, and the Japanese meal I ordered was particularly enjoyable. The crew provided professional service throughout the flight. The Zodiac Concept D seats weren’t as bothersome as our previous experience, but the expensive in-flight WiFi was a bit of a letdown. Despite these minor drawbacks, we arrived at our destination feeling refreshed and well-rested. Overall, while there were some areas that could be improved, we found this flight to be a solid choice for a comfortable and reliable journey to Tokyo.

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