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Review: American Airlines Business Class Boeing 777-200ER | Miami to Madrid

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Airline: American Airlines (AA)
Flight Number: AA68
Route: MIA-MAD
Class: Business Class
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Registration: N-788AN
Delivered: May 2000
Flight Duration: 8 Hours 10 Minutes
Distance: 4,421 Miles

Overall Impression:

For those of you who followed my previous reviews, you know that I’m a huge fan of American’s Business Class on their Boeing 777-300ER. So how does the 777-200 seats compare?

AA has 2 versions of their 777-200ER business class seats. This is the older version of the 2 which is made by Zodiac Aerospace. Half of the seats face forward, and the other half are aft facing. The big problem with these seats are that they are tethered together in pairs, so if one of your neighbors adjusts their seat or merely move, you’ll feel a shake in your seat as well, which could be bothersome especially when you’re trying to relax and sleep. Luckily, I’m traveling with someone I know, so it is less awkward.

The in-flight food was OK, though a bit uninspiring.

The Miami based crew were friendly and efficient in delivering service. Our flight attendants we interacted with took good care of us during the flight and constantly checked if we needed anything.

What I liked:

The seats – The seats aren’t actually that bad, but the shaking and rocking are really noticeable during the flight when the person in the next seat you’re tethered to moves, or adjusts their seat. Other than that, I thought the seats pretty comfortable. They are lie flat, laid out well and have direct aisle access. Not to mention American has personal air nozzles to sweeten the deal.

The onboard service – The crew on this flight was good. The 2 senior flight attendants we interacted with onboard were charming and delivered quick and efficient service during the flight.

The IFE – AA’s Panasonic IFE is among my favorite in the sky. The interface is intuitive and responsive. There was also plenty of media content and my favorite Voyager moving map app to keep me occupied during this transatlantic flight.

What I didn’t like:

Admirals Club at MIA – This lounge is usually very crowded, we were surpised that it was rather empty when we arrived. As usual, the food and beverage selection were limited. We look forward to visiting the Flagship Lounge next time when it’s open.

Plastic Cups in Business Class – Please bring back the glassware soon!

Expensive WiFi Service – In-flight WiFi used to be $20 for the entire flight, but it appears the price has gone up almost double to $35.

It was OK…I guess:

The Food – The catering on this flight wasn’t bad, but it was a bit meh. The chicken breast dish I ordered was moist and tender. Even though the plating and presentation was a bit uninspiring, I really liked the dish. The breakfast choice was either a hot or cold dish, and I chose the hot which was the enchilada which was delicious! In between meals, the crew also sets up a snackbar near the galley.

The Amenities – AA offers a business class amenity kit, Bang and Olufsen noise canceling headphones (collected 45 minutes before landing), a business class amenity kit, bottled water, and a full-size pillow and duvet set. No slippers or pajamas on AA though…

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